F.A.Q - Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?
- It's free, so it costs you nothing.

When can I study these dialogues?
- You can access them whenever you want and have access to Internet.

Works on mobile phone?
- It depends on the software used by your phone. If you encounter problems, use a computer / laptop / tablet.

What browser should I use?
- You can use any browser. However Chrome is recommended for optimum performance.

I do not get audio pronunciation. How to proceed?
- Reload page;
- Try with another browser;
- Select a different player;
- If still not working, go to the Contact section and write an Administrator, specifying the details of the problem.

How do I select a different Audio Player?
- Up, under the horizontal menu, you can choose the desired player.

What should I install listen to the audio dialogues?
- If you use Chrome, you do not need to install anything [unless you want to use Vlc player].
- If you use Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari you have to install Flash.
- If you want to uses Vlc player, you need to install the computer Vlc.

Other questions?
- Send a message to the Administrator via the contact form.

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